Waterloo to Bank

Waterloo to Bank

The Waterloo & City line is the shortest line on the underground – by some way. It is less than two miles in length and has only two stops, Waterloo and Bank. Its purpose is to shuttle city workers who commute into London to their workplace in the City of London.

After leaving the Waterloo & City line platform I head up into Waterloo station.

The IMAX cinema is at the junction of Waterloo Road and Stamford Street.

On Stamford Street is one of the King’s College building and the funky yellow Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre.

I walked throught the Spanish Gardens before reaching the Thames.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is visible across the water as I pass the OXO Tower. It so called as it used to be owned by the company who make the OXO cooking cubes.

Blackgriars Bridge and the Millenium Bridge provide easy ways to cross the Thames. In 2000 when the Millenium Bridge was opened it was found to be too wobbly for public use. Nowadays it stays put.

I’m not ready to cross the Thames yet so I pass the Tate Modern and the reconstructed Globe Theatre (built to match the original but positioned 200 metres away from the original site).

I chose to cross the Thames at Southwark Bridge as this is close to where the Waterloo & City line crosses the river on the tube map (although I’m told that the actual line crosses the river soon after leaving Waterloo). Crossing here also allowed a scenic walk on the South Bank.

Once on the Northside of the Thames a walk along Upper Thames Street and Cannon Street gets me into The City.

After passing up King William Street I reach the heart of The City. Oposite Bank station is The Bank of England. The London Stock Exchange is visible behind it.

Waterloo & City Line Walk – Summary

Walking this line will take you about an hour. As there are only two stations you can see the full map above.