Chesham to Chorleywood Tube Walk

After a few days of rain, snow and hail, it dried up so I thought I could continue walking the tube on the Metropolitan line. As this section would involve walking along country paths, through woods and up and down hills I didn’t want to try it when the ground was too soft. Given how muddy it still was I was very glad I had waited for the weather to dry up.

Chesham to Chalfont & Latimer

Getting to Chesham can take a while. I had to get to Chalfont & Latimer first and then wait for the Chesham/Chalfont & Latimer shuttle train. During the day there are just two trains per hour.

When I reached Chesham, I left the station and headed towards the Chesham town centre.

I walked down Red Lion Street, until I got to an area called the Waterside.

My route joins part of the Chess Valley Walk taking me past a small waterfall and a water bottling factory.

From here I head up a small muddy path.

At the end of the path I join St. Leonard’s Road, and follow the road until I join another footpath that takes me through a forest and towards the railway line.

At the tunnel I turn right and up another muddy track. There are a lot of muddy tracks on this route which is why you don’t want to do this walk if it is wet.

I rejoin the road again and head south east on Chestnut Lane and then Park Road. I then turn left on Raans Road and turn right onto a footpath which goes over a farm field.

I didn’t get as far along the path as I had planned as my route was blocked by mud. Instead I joined White Lion Road, turned left onto Bell Lane and right onto Elizabeth Avenue.

It is now just a short walk on Cherries Avenue before I get to Chalfont & Latimer tube station.

Chalfont & Latimer to Chorleywood

I head east on Amersham Road. First there are houses on either side but the road is soon surrounded by country side.

Some way along Amersham Road opposite the Manor House is a footpath that goes past Halsey’s Wood and towards this train tunnel. This footpath is part of the Chiltern Way.

I keep following the path and on the other side of the tunnel walk through Carpenter’s Wood.

On the other side of the forest is a farm and a riding school.

I turn left onto Shire Lane and walk north east under the Metropolitan line track. After turning left onto the Station Approach I reach Chorleywood underground station.

Metropolitan Line Walk – Day 2 Summary

This walk took over four hours. Although it wasn’t raining it had rained in the previous few days leaving many of the footpaths very muddy. This meant that over certain section I had to walk very slowly. You should definitely take walking boots, a good map and a compass if you do this route.

Most of this route is on with the exception of the first half of the Chesham to Chalfont & Latimer section. I printed out the missing section from the Ordnance Survey website but as the print-out was in black and white it was very hard to follow.

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  1. Nice photos – I live opposite that little waterfall in Chesham! You’ve inspired me to do this walk too – although I will wait until we get some better weather. Thanks — Chris

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