Amersham to Chalfont & Latimer Tube Walk

The Metropolitan line is not the longest line on the network but it is the one that goes the furthest away from central London. I’ve decided to start at the north west side of the line.

Amersham to Chalfont & Latimer

Amersham used to be in Zone D but this has now been renamed to Zone 9. It takes a while to get to the station and I have to change trains a few times. Only the Metropolitan line has stations in zones 7-9 so this line is likely is likely to be the most expensive part of my walking the tube project in terms of transport costs.

When I leave the station I have a quick look around the town centre.

As I go towards King George V Road I pass a car park which is disguised as a building and the Amersham Law Courts.

As this area is well away from central London the houses are mainly detached or semi-detached.

I walk east on White Lion road passing more houses and a church.

There is a shopping area near Chalfont Station Road and just beyond is Chalfont & Latimer tube station.

Metropolitan Line Walk – Day 1 Summary

This first part of the Metropolitan line took about one hour to walk. I had to stop at Chalfont & Latimer as it was starting to rain and some of the next stages of the walk are along country paths which would now be getting too muddy and slippy for me.

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