Neasden to Finchley Road

Neasden to Dollis Hill

It is day two of my Jubilee line tube walk. I leave Neasden station and head down Neasden Lane before turning onto Denzil Road.

This area is home to trees with the branches chopped off, like the ones I saw in Hammersmith.

After going past the College of North West London I get to Dollis Hill tube station. The station entrance is a tunnel that leads to the platform.

Dollis Hill to Willesden Green

At the end of Burnley Road is a bridge which I walk through. As I walk through the tunnel the roof gets lower and lower until it almost hits the top of my head. The South end of the tunnel is only 5 foot 10 inches high. The low headroom warning is warranted as many people would have to stoop down to walk along the tunnel.

Along the way is a building which looks like it neads some renovation and an empty Coke machine sitting in the middle of the pavement.

Here is Willesden Green station. You can see from the original text at the top of the station that this stop used to be part of the Metropolitan railway.

Willesden Green to Kilburn

There are plenty of shops on Walm Lane and some nice houses on Chatsworth Road.

After passing the Brondesbury Bowling Green I get to Kilburn underground station.

Kilburn to West Hampstead

Just outside Kilburn tube station on the walls of the railway bridges are a number of pieces of modern artwork.

Kilburn High Road is a standard looking shopping street.

My route takes me along Netherwood Street and Sherriff Road. After turning onto West End Land I get to West Hampstead tube station.

West Hampstead to Finchley Road

Walking along Blackburn Road leads to a large Homebase warehouse and then the O2 Centre which contains some shops, restaurants and a cinema.

Here is a view of the inside of the O2 Centre, and a shot of one of their fish tanks.

Just outside the O2 Centre is Finchley Road tube station.