Warren Street to Victoria

Warren Street to Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus is to the South West of Warren Street. I take a route through some of the smaller streets rather than going down Tottenham Court Road.

Below is the BT Tower (formerly the Post Office Tower) and the next door Tower Tavern.

The building on the left is a good example of an art deco building in central London. On the right is the former Middlesex Hospital which is now being turned into flats and offices.

A short walk along Oxford Street gets me to Oxford Circus station.

Oxford Circus to Green Park

I go past the Sound of Music and go onto Regent Street past the Apple store. The very wierd Nokia sponsored Christmas lights are up. These lights were in a word – rubbish. They lacked any kind of Christmas spirit or sparkle.

Here is a Northern Rock bank on the way which perhaps unsurprisingly has no customers in it.

I pass London’s version of the Parthenon before making it onto New Bond Street.

A walk past The Ritz gets me to Green Park.

Green Park to Victoria

After going through Green Park I reach Buckingham Palace.

A short amble down Buckingham Gate then gets me to Victoria Underground station.

Victoria Line Walk – Day 2 Summary

This is the map for day 2 of the Victoria line walk. It can be done in about 4 hours.