Acton Town to Sudbury Hill Tube Walk

Having completed the Piccadilly line tube walk from Cockfosters to Heathrow airport, I now have to go back to Acton Town to start the Acton Town to Uxbridge section of the Piccadilly line.

Acton Town to Ealing Common

On leaving Acton Town tube station I walk along Gunnersbury Lane and then head north along a number of smaller roads.

The houses are mostly semi-detached and some of them are built in a mock-tudor style – such as in the second photo. I then reach Ealing Common tube station which as you can see is another Charles Holden designed station.

Ealing Common to North Ealing

There is a short walk past some houses and shops before I reach North Ealing tube station.

North Ealing to Park Royal

I walk north east along Boleau Road and then reach Corringway.

On Corringway the houses look better maintained than in some of the earlier areas.

At the end of Corringway is the Park Royal underground station.

Park Royal to Alperton

I walk along the Western Avenue and reach a very large roundabout with many subway tunnels.

On Ealing Road are various office building and large warehouse superstores.

Just beyond a bus garage is Alperton tube station.

Alperton to Sudbury Town

There are many similar looking houses as I start to walk up the hill on Bridgewater Road.

Near the top of the hill is Sudbury Town tube station.

Sudbury Town to Sudbury Hill

After passing along District Road I get to the Maybank Open Space which just as the name suggests is an open space.

Beyond the Maybank Open Space I walk along Maybank Avenue and Rosebank Avenue.

On Greenford Road are a small number of food places, after which I get to Sudbury Hill tube station.

Piccadilly Line Walk – Day 9 Summary

This section of the Piccadilly line took around two hours to walk.