Victoria to Brixton

Victoria to Pimlico

On leaving Victoria station I pass the Victoria Palace Theatre which is currently showing Billy Elliot.

The housing round Vauxhall Bridge Road is varied and good looking.

After going round a corner I get to Pimlico station.

Pimlico to Vauxhall

Outside Pimlico station is a metalic piece of art. Walking further down Vauxhall Bridge Road gets me to the River Thames.

New blocks of flats are on the South side of the river.

The MI6 (also known as the SIS) building is very distinctive. It is impossible to pass it without thinking of James Bond. By complete coincidence I happened to be listening to a James Bond soundtrack as I walked over the Vauxhall Bridge Road.

Vauxhall station has an odd exterior. It looks like a caravan with a ramp on top of it.

Vauxhall to Stockwell

Here are some photos of the housing and office building between Vauxhall and Stockwell. If you work for Sainsburys then you may like to know that I have located one of your missing shopping trolleys.

A newly decorated church and the Stockwell air raid shelter are next on the route. The air raid shelter was built during World War II.

Here is Stockwell station.

Stockwell to Brixton

Right outside Stockwell underground station is a memorial to Jean Charles de Menezes who was killed in this station on the 22nd July 2005. He was a victim of mistaken identity, the police thought he was a suicide bomber.

A mixture of housing and shops are positioned along Stockwell Road.

Brixton station is easily recognisable as it has the largest roundel I’ve ever seen on an underground station.

If you are in the area it is definitely worth having a walk slightly beyond the station to have a look at Electric Avenue where you will find shops and market stalls with some real Brixton atmosphere.

Victoria Line Walk – Day 3 Summary

The walk from Victoria to Brixton is about two hours in length, allowing for talking photos and walking at a leisurely pace.

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  1. I”m sure I remember reading somewhere that the ‘ramp’ on top of Vauxhall station was a giant solar panel. I’ll have to check up on that though as there’s nothing on Wikipedia about it!

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