East Acton to Ealing Broadway Tube Walk

East Acton to North Acton

I head along Erconwald Street and then Wulfstan Street. On Wulfstan Street I pass Wormwood Scrubs Park.

It looks like people are having too many dogs around here. Either that or there are some professional dog walkers about.

On Old Oak Common Lane I spot what looks like a train’s graveyard. If you look closely at the photo on the right you might just be able to make out Trellick Tower in the background.

After passing along Victoria Road I reach North Acton underground station.

North Acton to West Acton

On Horn Lane is a walking matress and on Noel Road is a large church.

On getting to the end of Noel road I turn right and reach West Acton tube station.

West Acton to Ealing Broadway

I walk along Queen’s Drive and then Madeley Road.

It seems that this council has a good budget for colourful plants. I reach Ealing Broadway tube station which is the last stop on this branch of the Central line.

Central Line Walk – Day 7 Summary

This part of the walk took about an hour and a quarter.