Harrow-on-the-Hill to Finchley Road Tube Walk

Harrow-on-the-Hill to Northwick Park

I leave Harrow-on-the-Hill tube station go past St. Ann’s shopping centre and the Harrow shopping streets.

A short way along Kenton Road I reach a roundabout. I go through a subway to get past it.

After walking down Rushout Avenue I reach Northwick Park tube station.

Northwick Park to Preston Road

A footbridge takes me over the tube track, and I head south east on Draycott Avenue.

I pass through some playing fields, past the shops on Preston Road and then I arrive at the underground station of the same name.

Preston Road to Wembley Park

As I walk down Carlton Avenue the arch of Wembley Stadium comes into view.

Just beyond the end of Brook Avenue is Wembley Park tube station which is shaped like a stadium stand.

Wembley Park to Finchley Road

The section on the Metropolitan line between Wembley Park and Finchley Road is very long compared to the distance between other tube stations. There are in fact many other stations between these two stops but they are only served by the Jubilee line which runs parallel to the Metropolitan line in this area.

This is the only section of the underground network where you skip a zone between stops. Wembley Park is in zone 4 and Finchley Road is in zone 2.

A tunnel with many tiled images leads towards Wembley Stadium.

I walk right up the ramp and stairs to the stadium. Outside is a statue of footballer Bobby Moore.

You can walk all the way round the stadium. You can see how large the arch is from the ground.

After leaving the stadium grounds I walk out of the industrial park that is around the stadium, along the South Way and then along a footpath by the River Brent.

I leave the river path onto Lovett Way. Beyond here I pass through the Ikea car park (as described in my Jubilee line walk), take a footbridge over the train track and pass along some small roads until I reach Dudden Hill Lane.

Dudden Hill Lane, High Road and Willdesden Lane are mostly populated with shops and houses. There are also two temples along the way – the True Buddha Temple and the Shree Swaminarayan Temple.

I turn off Willesden Lane at Dyne Road. From here I follow a roughly straight line across a number of different roads until I reach Finchley Road underground station.

Metropolitan Line Walk – Day 6 Summary

Today’s walk took about three hours to complete.

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  1. Very well done!

    I stumbled upon your sight whilst searching for details relating to Moor Park, and found all the familiar places I know so well, on your journey from Harrow-on the Hill to Finchley Road.

    I have often walked the Jubilee Line route but have never done more than 5 stops.

    Good luck in all your future projects.


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