Mile End to West Ham

This is day four of my walk along the Hammersmith & City line and the most complex stretch to navigate. I need to get past two rivers, several A-roads and some industrial complexes.

Mile End to Bow Road

I start at Mile End station. Making it to my next stop is easy. I just have to walk along the last part of Mile End Road and the start of Bow Road.

Along Bow Road is a church with an unusual depiction of The Crucifiction.

I soon reach Bow Road.

Bow Road to Bromley-by-Bow

To get to Bromley-by-Bow I pass down a number of residential roads.

I head down Campbell Road and along Devas Street.

After heading a short distance up the A12 I reach Bromley-by-Bow. In the BBC soap Eastenders Bromley-by-Bow is replaced by the fictional Walford East tube station.

Bromley-by-Bow to West Ham

After taking my photo of Bromley-by-Bow tube station I pass under the A12 by the subway and head towards the ‘superstore’ as it is called on the map. It happens to be a Tesco.

Between my current position and the next stop of West Ham I have to cross several tributaries of the River Lea. There is a TV studio and a gas depot in the way.

Surrounding the TV studio are a number of buildings which merited a photo, including a bell tower.

The canal is worth a look too.

I had found what I thought would be a viable route by looking at my of the area. As it turned out some building work was blocking one of the paths so I ended up finding a longer route to the North of The Three Mills Green.

Just before getting to West Ham I spot this interesting feature before the railway bridge. The lower ends of the yellow cylinders are set to the height of the bridge. The idea being that if your vehicle is too tall to fit under the bridge you will hit these and will be able to stop before the bridge rips the top off whatever you are driving.

After heading down Manor Road I reach West Ham station.