West Ham to Barking

West Ham to Plaistow

I doubled back on my route so I could take a walking path that I had seen on top of a bridge that I had just past under. I had expected there to be a road or a train track on top of this embankment but was very surprised to find out that at the top it is just a walking route. It is called The Greenway. It is built on top of the Northern Outfall Sewer.

I’ve never seen anything like this path. It is a grass covered path raised above the surrounding urban area. It is like a park which is many miles long but only 10 metres wide.

I have to leave the path where it goes over the train track so that I can head towards Plaistow. After walking past a long row of lock up garages I reach the station.

Plaistow to Upton Park

I pass though a small house on Willow Grove and then an estate before getting to Terrace Road.

Terrace Road and Harold Road provide a very straight route to the next station. The roads are long and straight, and the houses are mostly of very similar designs.

After leaving Harold Road I get to Upton Park.

Upton Park to East Ham

Round the corner from Upton Park underground station is a large covered market called Queen’s Market. It has shops selling clothes, brik-a-brak and food – from fast food to butchers shops.

There are many colourful shops near Green Street selling food, sarees and jewelry.

I walk onto High Street North and reach East Ham tube station.

East Ham to Barking

On High Street North, just after East Ham I even find a shop dedicated to Dr Who.

I leave East Ham tube station and walk along Burges Road and then Watson Avenue.

At the end of Watson Avenue is a bridge that takes me over the A406 North Circular.

The bridge leads into a trading estate. Most visible is the Big Yellow self storage building which lives up to its name by being both big and very yellow.

A small path takes me to another bridge which allows me to get over the River Roding. The river itself is quite tranquil with ducks and swans floating about on it.

Taking the Southbound path through the housing leads onto Cowbridge Lane.

I head down North Broadway until I get to an abbey that looks like a small castle.

From here I go into the pedestrianised shopping streets of Barking and pass through the Vicarage Field shopping centre.

After leaving the shopping centre it is a short three minute walk to Barking tube station, the final destination on the Hammersmith & City tube walk.

Hammersmith & City Line Walk – Day 4 Summary

Today’s walk took a bit over three hours to complete. Below is the route I took.