New Cross to New Cross Gate

11th December 2007

Walking between New Cross and New Cross Gate underground stations requires a short walk along New Cross Road.

New Cross Road is a small shopping street. The most noticeable building on it is the former Deptford Town Hall building.

As this is the last stop in my walk I go into the station and catch the train back home.

2 thoughts on “New Cross to New Cross Gate”

  1. A very short walk but you have missed out the most important site. To the north east at the junction of New Cross Rd and Goodward road you would have seen an iceland shop with flats above built circa 1950’s. Not an unusual building which was included in the rebuilding of a severely WW2 damaged London. But, this was the site of a Woolworths store which saw the greatest loss of life by a single bomb in the entire war. At 12.26pm on 25th November 1944 a V2 rocket hit this busy store and killed 168 people with 121 seriously injured. A plaque was erected inside the re-built store as a memorial to all those who lost their life.

    Amazing the history behind some ordinary looking shops.

  2. but for my father carrying a heavy roll of linoleum on his shoulder, thus stopping mum going into Woolworths, we would have been included in the total of those killed. Fortunately, we carried on towards New Cross Gate and had just passed the station when the V2 hit. I was all of 9 months old.



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