Golders Green to Camden Town Tube Walk

Golders Green to Hampstead

After walking a short distance on North End Road I enter Golders Hill Park. It is a small park that is next to Hampstead Heath. I first head to where a number of deer are kept.

I then walk through a small wood before rejoining North End Road.

I walk south on Heath Street and then reach Hampstead tube station.

Hampstead to Belsize Park

The shops continue on Hampstead High Street.

On Haverstock Hill is Belsize Park tube station.

Belsize Park to Chalk Farm

There is an air raid shelter beneath the Belsize Park tube station. The entrance to the shelter is visible above ground. A wierd piece of stencil graffiti is on its wall.

Along Haverstock Hill are many large blocks of flats with designs varying from concrete blocks to art deco.

Here is Chalk Farm tube station.

Chalk Farm to Camden Town

Just after the station is a famous piece of Banksy stencil graffiti. This isn’t the original version as this section of wall has been painted over several times only for the stencil to reappear. The stencil is apparently protected by Camden Council and the Roundhouse which is why it keeps on getting retouched and repaired.

As I walk on Chalk Farm Road the Camden Markets start to appear. Part of the canal side market on the east side was recently damaged by fire but there are still a huge number of market stalls left to visit.

Many of the shops in this area are very colourful and have large 3D figures above the entrances.

After passing more of the local shops on the north end of Camden High Street, I reach Camden Town tube station which is currently being modernised.

Northern Line Walk – Day 1 Summary

This first part of my Northern line walk took over four hours.

4 thoughts on “Golders Green to Camden Town Tube Walk”

  1. HI, I found your tour very interesting, and it brought back many memories of my time in London. Currently, I am back in South Africa, which is where I am from.

    I wonder if you could assist – as one exits the O2 Shopping Centre in (I think) Finchley Road, and you proceed down towards Swiss Cottage, there is a very large old mansion on the left, behind the row of shops and flats… it was abandoned the last time I went past (around 2002/3), and I found it very intriguing. I cannot find anything regarding its history on the web – perhaps somebody can assist with a name, or some history regarding this old building?

  2. Hello,
    I enjoyed the pictoral tour of my favorite walk in London — I do it first thing, Hampstead to Camden Town, every time I come to London. I lived for a university semester at 53 Steeles Road and still love that neighborhood best of any in town. Thanks for the info on the deep shelters — I had never known that before!
    Marissa Melton
    Washington, D.C. USA

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