Debden to Woodford Tube Walk

Debden to Loughton

After leaving Debden station I pass a number of large offices, and then reach a small wood and wildlife reserve. The first animal I see is a rat running away, but then I spot a fox right in front of me. You might spot him in the second photos.

The wood is very pleasant to walk through but it could do with some litter removal.

After following the footpath round I get back to a more urban area. I walk along Oakwood Hill and Rodding Road before arriving at Loughton tube station.

Loughton to Buckhurst Hill

After walking up Station Road, I reach Loughton High Road where the shops are. I head in a south west direction along this road.

This is quite a hilly area so I have to head up a hill along the High Road.

Then I have to go back down the hill to get to Buckhurst Hill tube station.

Buckhurst Hill to Woodford

There is a small shopping area near Buckhurst Hill tube station.

The next part of the route takes me along Forest Edge, which is so called as it runs past part of Epping Forest.

After walking to the end of King’s Avenue I arrive at Woodford underground station, the last stop for today’s walk.

Central Line Walk – Day 2 Summary

It was a fairly short walk today at only about two hours.

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