Osterley to Hatton Cross Tube Walk

Osterley to Hounslow East

On leaving Osterley tube station I head through the subway and get to a footpath.

You can follow the footpath all the way to Hounslow East, crossing Spring Grove Road in the middle. You may however not want to go down this path as it doesn’t look very safe.

It is completely enclosed on both sides and surrounded by barbed wire and fences. You definitely don’t want to be on this path at night! After getting to the end of the path I reach Hounslow East tube station.

Hounslow East to Hounslow Central

I head down Kingsley Road and onto the High Street. There are many mainstream and budget shops here. As well as the usual pound shops that you get outside central London, I also found a 99p store, a 98p store and even a 90p store!

The planes pass close to the High Street and the noise is loud.

Walking north brings me to Hounslow Central underground station.

Hounslow Central to Hounslow West

Next I walk into Lampton Park, then down Sutton Lane and west along Bath Road.

On Bath Road is Hounslow West tube station.

Hounslow West to Hatton Cross

On Bath Road are local shops and houses.

I turn onto the Great South West Road and head towards Heathrow airport.

When I reach the east of the airport the Concorde becomes visible. Concorde no longer flies but this one is now on display at the airport.

The local animals seem unfazed by the low flying planes.

Outside the airport, near to where the planes land, I reach Hatton Cross tube station.

Piccadilly Line Walk – Day 6 Summary

This walk took me around two hours to complete. If you need food or a break on the way then a good place to stop is the Treaty Centre on Hounslow High Street.