Moorgate to Mile End

Moorgate to Liverpool Street

To the North of Moorgate underground station is a plain looking building whose appearance is made interesting by red, yellow, green and blue lighting.

It is well worth having a look at the Broadgate area which consists of a pedestrianised area surrounded by modern office blocks.

Round the corner from this tranquil area of The City is Liverpool Street station.

Liverpool Street to Aldgate East

On leaving the station I pass ‘The Gherkin’ at 30 St Mary Axe.

Tower 42 and the Lloyd’s of London building are in the vicinity and it is worth making a slight detour to see them before reaching Aldgate East station.

Aldgate East to Whitechapel

Once you go past Algate East station the landscape changes dramatically from the expensive City of London to the more modest looking East end. The East London Mosque is the standout building along this area of Whitechapel Road.

Going past the market and the Royal London Hospital I soon arrive at Whitechapel station which as it happens was where I started my tube walking project when I did the East London line.

Whitechapel to Stepney Green

Further along Whitechapel Road a bust of William Booth – the Salvation Army founder – looks across a busy road.

Some of the local area certainly looks like it could do with some salvation.

Here’s Stepney Green station which is the penultimate destination of the day.

Stepney Green to Mile End

Whitechapel Road is a major road with plenty of cars and lorries at this time of day. You wouldn’t know if from my photo of the flats opposite as I took it during a gap in the traffic.

I pass over Regent’s Canal which you might well miss if you aren’t looking carefully and then under ‘The Green Bridge’ which naturally is yellow in colour.

Once I reach the Territorial Army building I cross the road and reach Mile End tube station.

Hammersmith & City Line Walk – Day 3 Summary

This section of the Hammersmith & City line will take about two and a half to three hours to walk.

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  1. Great work! These are the all too typical London sites that make London what it is. The signage and bricks and architecture is easily spotted as a British creation. You should look at doing photgraphy for London companies.

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