Chorleywood to Moor Park Tube Walk

Chorleywood to Rickmansworth

I leave Chorleywood tube station and find a path leading up to Chorleywood Common. The start of the path isn’t obvious. You can see it in the photo on the left.

I walk through the common. As well as having plenty of grass there is a golf course and a number of houses on the common. I know from my map that somewhere behind the houses is a footbridge leading over the M25. As I couldn’t find a route through the houses I head down Dog Kennel Lane and Berry Lane to where I think I’ll be able to reach the footbridge.

It took me a while to find the footbridge as there weren’t any signs in the park, and because there was a new road (pictured on the left) which was missing from the map.

I pass over the M25 which is busy but moving and walk along Chestnut Avenue.

The next part of the walk is along Chorleywood Road which is long and fairly featureless. After walking to the end of Chorleywood Road, and then Victoria Close I reach Rickmansworth underground station.

Rickmansworth to Moor Park

I pass through Rickmansworth town centre and past a church.

I head away from the town centre towards a marked walking route. By Skidmore Way I pass over a canal. Futher on I reach the mud track that passes many of the lakes that are in this area.

Many of these lakes are home to private fishing lakes. The route is popular with lunchtime runners as well.

I head south through an industrial estate and join Moor Lane. This road has a pavement at first but it soon disappears. I would have hesitated walking along this road if it weren’t for another pedestrian ahead of me who was walking along this route on the grass verge. There is a worn out area of grass so it is clearly used fairly reguarly by walkers.

On this day the road was made safer as much of it was closed to traffic because some workmen were cutting down trees.

After walking some way along Moor Lane I turn left into Sandy Lodge Road which is a private road containing many large houses.

I turn right onto the North Approach and soon get to Moor Park tube station.

Metropolitan Line Walk – Day 3 Summary

This part of today’s walk (there is a second section that I walked today from Watford to Moor Park which will be posted the day after this one) took about about two and a half hours, however I could have done it in two hours if I hadn’t got lost.