London Bridge to Canary Wharf

London Bridge to Bermondsey

The London Dungeon and the Britain at War Museum are on Tooley Street.

After passing through Hay’s Galleria I reach the River Thames just opposite the H.M.S. Belfast.

There are many building of interest along this part of the Thames. There is Southwark Crown Court and the London County Hall.

Over the river is The Tower of London and The City of London.

After heading away from The River Thames I walk along the Shad Thames.

In this area are plenty of Wharf’s which have now been converted into flats.

Once past this synagogue I get to Bermondsey tube station.

Bermondsey to Canada Water

Between Bermondsey and Canada Water is Southwark Park which I have a walk though.

I soon get to Canada Water.

Canada Water to Canary Wharf

The distance from Canada Water to Canary Wharf wouldn’t be too large if it was possible to walk in a straight line between the two. The problem is that these stations are separated by The Thames and there aren’t any foot crossing nearby. In order to walk there I need to head down to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel and then walk all the way up the Isle of Dogs before reaching Canary Wharf.

I walk along the Greenland Dock until I reach the Thames Path. There are many boats parked in the South Dock.

Here I am so close but yet so far from Canary Wharf. The actual station is below the largest towers.

Here are some of the views along the Thames Path.

After passing a cannon which is pointing towards Canary Wharf I get to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel entrance. The tunnel is surprisingly long showing that the Thames is a lot wider than it looks.

I walk through Millwall Park and Mudchute Park where there is a small farm.

At the North end of the park the high buildings of the Isle of Dogs start appearing.

I keep heading towards the One Canada Square skyskraper until I arrive at Canary Wharf tube station.

Jubilee Line Walk – Day 3 Summary

This walk could take about five hours to complete. The longest section by far is from Canada Water to Canary Wharf.

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  1. Wow, you did something I’ve always wanted to do but never got round to. How long did it take? Was it any dangerous? Great pictures by the way. Thanks 🙂

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