Canning Town to Stratford Tube Walk

Canning Town to West Ham

I leave Canning Town station, head under the A13 and then up Manor Road.

Rather than heading straight up Manor Road I go through some side roads and pass through a small park before reaching West Ham tube station.

West Ham to Stratford

I make my way onto the Greenway and head North West over the river.

Once past the Jubilee line depot I head off the Greenway.

I then make my way onto the Channelsea path, which is a thin path between the train depot and a road.

Close to Stratford underground station is The Stratford Centre. It is a standard shopping centre with a market inside.

On the other side of The Stratford Centre is another market. After passing through this market I reach my final stop of the day, and the final station on the Jubilee line – Stratford underground station.

Jubilee Line Walk – Day 5 Summary

This section of the Jubilee line will take you an hour at most to walk.