Uxbridge to Harrow-on-the-Hill Tube Walk

Uxbridge to Hillingdon

I leave Uxbridge tube station and pass the Pavilions Shopping Centre, go east on Belmont Road, south on Park Road and then into Honeycroft Hill.

On Hercies Road I spot a car with a large number of soft toys.

I turn into Long Lane and arrive at Hillingdon tube station.

Hillingdon to Ickenham

I continue on Long Lane crossing the track and passing local housing.

I turn right into Glebe Avenue and reach Ickenham tube station.

Ickenham to Ruislip

On High Road Ickenham are shops and houses.

After passing into Ickenham Road and Kingsend I reach Ruislip underground station.

Ruislip to Ruislip Manor

Getting to Ruislip Manor involves a short walk along Pembroke Road which is home to many bungalows.

A short walk into Victoria Road gets me to Ruislip Manor tube station.

Ruislip Manor to Eastcote

I then walk along Park Way and Elm Avenue.

At the end of Elm Avenue is Eastcote tube station.

Eastcote to Rayners Lane

I pass along North View, Eastern Avenue and Village Way which are mainly residential streets.

Close to Rayners Lane the area turns into a shopping area.

Rayners Lane to West Harrow

On Imperial Drive I find a pair of legs sticking out of a washing machine.

Further up Imperial Drive I turn right into the Ridgeway. Some way down the Ridgeway I walk north east through a local park.

On the other side of the park I reach West Harrow tube station.

West Harrow to Harrow-on-the-Hill

I walk along Bouverie Road and then Vaughan Road.

I pass a swirly car lane, a new block of flats which is under construction and then reach Harrow-on-the-Hill tube station.

Metropolitan Line Walk – Day 5 Summary

This section of the Metropolitan line tube walk took about three hours.

2 thoughts on “Uxbridge to Harrow-on-the-Hill Tube Walk”

  1. Do you have an idea how many miles you will end up covering as part of the central tube map – zones 1 & 2 by the time you have completed this project?
    I’m trying to find a running challenge that I can complete in about 2 weeks and this is my current option.

    I was also wondering how your total mileage for each line has compared with the estimates given on the tfl site. I can’t believe for example that the H&C line is only 16 miles. I haven’t noticed anywhere on your site the stats for each walk you covered.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments. The H&C line is actually more like 16.5 miles but my figure is close enough. I think it seems longer as it often goes quite slow!

    I am intending to put up stats regarding the length of my walks but that might not be for another month or two. My walks are alway a fair bit longer that the line. I’d guess maybe 25% longer but I won’t know until I work it out.

    I don’t know how long the lines in zone 1&2 are but the simplest way to calculate it is to print out one of the geographic maps on Wikipedia (see link below) and then use a piece of string. I’d suggest you make the string as long as the Circle line and then you can rougly work out all the other lengths for zones 1&2 from there. If you do work it out I’d be very interested in knowing. I bet it is a long run!


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