Walthamstow Central to Finsbury Park

Walthamstow Central to Blackhorse Road

At Walthamstow Central my second tube walk begins. It has 16 stations spread over 13 miles of track. This line has no branches which makes the route relatively straight forward.

Very close to the station is the Selborne Walk Shopping Centre. I headed towards it and had a look inside where I saw it was a very generic shopping centre.

After heading out of the shopping centre I walked along Walthamstow High Street.

I went up Blackhorse Road where I was able to see the kind of housing that you get in Walthamstow.

At the top of Blackhorse Road is Blackhorse Road underground station.

Blackhorse Road to Tottenham Hale

The biggest question of todays walk was whether I would be able to walk along Forest Road to go through the reservoirs in this area. I couldn’t work out from the Google Maps and Live Maps imagery whether there was a pavement on this road. As luck would have it there is a pavement along this road allowing me to take an easy route to Tottenham Hale.

There are four reservoirs to the North and seven to the South. You’d barely know the reservoirs were here as you walk along Forest Road. For much of the distance they are not visible. It is only on the West end of the road that you can see a few of the reservoirs. Unfortunately the area around the reservoirs is not open to the public. You need to get a permit before you are allowed access to them.

The area just before Tottenham Hale could look much better. There is a dirty looking lock, a large building site and surprisingly a long white wall with no graffiti.

Tottenham Hale to Seven Sisters

I headed away from Tottenham Hale towards the Tottenham Hale retail park where you can find warehouse sized versions of B&Q, Currys, Halfords and several other stores.

Along Broad Lane and Fountayne Road are some small shops and houses.

I reached Seven Sisters and took my obligatory photos.

Seven Sisters to Finsbury Park

I walked past the Haringey Council building, the Dutch House pub, a synagogue and an interesting yellow and green building.

Further on are some more tower blocks, a church with a blue roof and some interesting art by the recycling bins. Can you spot the postman in one of these four photos?

Walking down Seven Sisters Road I went past the huge Woodberry Down Estate. It has a lot of building of variable quality state of repair.

Just before getting to Finsbury park I go past Manor House underground station but I’ll ignore that one for now as it is not on the Victoria line.

I walked through the park from East to West.

On exiting the park I had to go over a railway line and a blue and red bridge.

A quick walk along Woodstock Road got me to Finsbury station with its new roof. I had planned to go further along the line today but cramp in my right calf muscle meant that this was my last stop today.

Victoria Line Walk – Day 1 Summary

Here is the whole route for day one of my Victoria line walk. I only walked for about three hours, and this included some time looking at the Selborne Walk shopping centre and the Tottenham Hale retail park.

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  1. You could’ve avoided Manor House station by taking the Capital Ring/New River footpath from the junction of Seven Sisters Rd/Eade Rd to the north-east corner of Finsbury Park.

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