Upminster to Dagenham East Tube Walk

The District line is the final line of my walking the tube project. I’ve decided to start at Upminster.

Upminster to Upminster Bridge

I leave Upminster and head down Station Road and along St. Mary’s Lane.

On St. Mary’s Lane I pass the Upminster Windmill and local houses.

Soon I reach Upminster Bridge tube station.

Upminster Bridge to Hornchurch

The next part of the route is along Highfield Crescent and Ravenscourt Grove.

On Station Lane is Hornchurch tube station.

Hornchurch to Elm Park

I walk through a number of residential roads on my way to the next station, including Randall Drive, Lancaster Drive and Maylands Avenue.

After walking through Maylands Avenue I reach Elm Park tube station.

Elm Park to Dagenham East

There is a small shopping area around Elm Park station.

On Elm Park Avenue many of the houses feature unusual blocky protrusions.

I walk south on Rainham Road and then get to the Chase Nature Reserve.

Chase Nature Reserve is an expanse of grass and pools of water. There are footpaths marked on the Ordnance Survey map but they are not visible through much of the reserve so I followed my compass.

In some areas it is hard to find a way across the pools of water. In one place I had to walk over this concrete plank.

On the west end of the nature reserve I follow a path past an industrial estate and soon reach Dagenham East underground station.