Earl’s Court to Acton Town Tube Walk

Earl’s Court to Barons Court

I walk along West Cromwell Road over the train line.

Further along Talgarth Road is Barons Court tube station.

Barons Court to Hammersmith

Beyond some scary looking properties is the Hammersmith Flyover.

You can’t walk over the flyover so you have to go under it.

After going under the flyover I get to Hammersmith tube station.

Hammersmith to Turnham Green

There are many shops on King Street, as well as the Hammersmith Town Hall.

I keep walking west on King Street until I have to turn right into Thornton Avenue which gets me to Turnham Green tube station.

Turnham Green to Acton Town

I head through Acton Green Common.

After leaving the common I go into a residential area and come across this piece of art. The caption is ‘You gotta fight for your right to be arty!’.

On Bollo Lane I am slightly held up which I have to wait for a train to pass on a crossing.

I pass some office and residential buildings and then reach my last stop for the day – Acton Town.

Piccadilly Line Walk – Day 4 Summary

This section of the Piccadilly line took me about three and a half hours to complete.