Sudbury Hill to Uxbridge Tube Walk

Sudbury Hill to South Harrow

I walk up Greenford Road and then along South Value, Orley Farm Road and South Hill Avenue.

These private roads are full of large detached houses.

On Northolt Road is South Harrow tube station.

South Harrow to Rayners Lane

Eastcote Lane is where I head next followed by Rayners Lane.

When I reach Alexandra Avenue I spot Rayners Lane underground station.

Rayners Lane to Eastcote

After walking along High Worple I get to Roxbourne Park.

Roxbourne Park is a fairly standard park. What is more interesting is the Roxbourne Rough Local Nature Reserve which is to the west of Roxbourne Park. There is a footpath through this nature reserve but the rest of it is largely left alone to grow naturally.

On exiting the park I walk down Woodlands Avenue and reach Eastcote tube station.

Eastcote to Ruislip Manor

Walking in a largely straight line to the west gets me to Ruislip Manor tube station.

Ruislip Manor to Ruislip

An even shorter straight line walk takes me to Ruislip underground station. Sometimes it seems that the spacings between stations are too uneven. Is there a need to have two stations on the same line so close together when other stations are much further apart?

Ruislip to Ickenham

After taking my photo of Ruislip station I walk along Kingsend and then at the roundabout turn onto Ickenham Road.

Ickenham Road keeps turning to the left until I turn into Glebe Avenue and get to Ickenham tube station.

Ickenham to Hillingdon

There are mostly houses on Long Lane as I walk towards the junction with the A40. This area is near the R.A.F. Northold Aerodrome and small planes can be seen passing overhead.

After passing over the A40 I arrive at Hillingdon tube station.

Hillingdon to Uxbridge

I walk along Hercies Road which is busy with lots of traffic.

And turn right when I reach the local post office.

Passing a few commercial building and the Uxbridge train sidings leads me to Uxbridge tube station, the final stop for my Piccadilly line tube walk.

Piccadilly Line Walk – Day 10 Summary

This final section of my Piccadilly line tube walk took me about three hours of solid walking.