Victoria to Monument Tube Walk

Victoria to St. James’s Park

Walking Eastwards on Victoria Street takes me past Westminster Cathedral and some tower blocks.

After passing New Scotland Yard on The Broadway I reach St. James’s Park tube station.

St. James’s Park to Westminster

There are many famous building visible from Parliament Square. Westminster Cathedral is one of them.

And as you’d expect the Houses of Parliament is another. Near Big Ben is the main entrance to Westminster tube station.

Westminster to Embankment

The next three station are all along the River Thames so I follow the River Northwards. The London Eye one of the dominant features on the opposite River Bank. A War memorial is on this side of the river.

Embankment to Temple

I continue along the Embankment passing this sphinx and other impressive buildings.

Shortly after Somerset House is Temple tube station.

Temple to Blackfriars

Further along the Thames are the H.Q.S. Wellington and a dragon.

Just beyond Blackfriar’s Bridge is Blackfriar’s tube station.

Blackfriars to Mansion House

I walk past the College of Arms and reach the Millenium Bridge. From here you get a good view of the front of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Walking up Queen Victoria Street gets me to Mansion House tube station.

Mansion House to Cannon Street

The distance between these two stations is tiny.

Along the way on Cannon Street are a small number of offices but not much else.

Cannon Street to Monument

Monument station isn’t far either – the tube stations are packed in quite closely in this area.

Only a few more office blocks stood in my way before getting to Monument.

Circle Line Walk – Day 1 Summary

Today’s walk was around three and a half hours long. There are loads of sights on the way and if you wanted to have a proper look at them you could spend a lot longer.