Stanmore to Neasden

Stanmore to Canons Park

The Northmost station on the Jubilee line is Stanmore and this is where I will start the Jubilee line tube walk.

It is a foggy day when I leave the station.

I head down some residential streets towards Canons Park. This area is far enough away from central London for many people to be able to afford detached houses.

After heading over the railway line I get to Canons Park itself (the park not the tube station). After making it to the end of the Park I get to Canons Park underground station.

Canons Park to Queensbury

There are a few shops nearby but not much else. To get to Queensbury I walked down Honeypot Lane.

On Honeypot Lane is a mixture of houses and offices. There is a supermarket and a hospital but I wouldn’t make a special trip to see this road.

Shortly after a roundabout on Honeypot Lane I head along Cumberland Road and reach Queensbury station.

Queensbury to Kingsbury

I continue down Honeypot Lane, take a few side roads and soon reach Kingsbury tube station.

Kingsbury to Wembley Park

Kingsbury Road is busy and full of plenty of local shops, lots of them selling Indian themed items.

After the slightly dull Honeypot Lane I thought I’d go for a change of scenery and head through Fryent Country Park. It is a good sized expance of hills and grass in the middle of this urban area. Its ‘paths’ aren’t paths in the concrete sense. They are strips of grass that have been made darker by people walking on them.

I’d recommend walking boots for this park. Especially if the ground is slightly wet. When I passed through the ground was damp and the soil soft. I was wearing sports trainers which wasn’t ideal. I did make it through the park in one piece but walking boots would have made my life much easier.

After passing Brent Town Hall I get to Wembley Park station. The station itself looks like a football stand with all its steps.

Wembley Park to Neasden

There is a padestrionised road linking Wembley Park tube station with Wembley Stadium.

On the tiled walls of the subway that goes under Bridge Road are images of the kind of activities that might go on in the stadium.

Around Wembley Stadium are many industrial building. There are warehouses, officies and building sites.

My route takes me onto a footpath that follows the River Brent.

After passing through a housing estate I get to flat pack superstore Ikea.

The final part of my route is slightly complicated. I go through the outside car park, and then the indoor car park of Ikea. I’m following the signs to the local buses. The bus stop is reached by going over this bridge.

I then walk through the supermarket carpark to a bridge that crosses the North Circular Road.

From there I go over the bridge that crosses the Jubilee train line.

And finally I reach Neasdon, the end of today’s tube walk.

Jubilee Line Walk – Day 1 Summary

Doing this walk could take around three hours if you walk it without too many stops. If you are going through Fryent Country Park I’d advise that you wear walking boots. Don’t attempt to walk through this park if it is wet or raining as it is likely to be very muddy and slippy.

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  1. I remember getting lost in the car around the IKEA once and ended up in the Tescos car park – eventually finding my way over that little bridge over the stream towards Ikea! It was freezing and in the dead of winter as well. Wasn’t the greatest place to be!

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