Leicester Square to Clapham North Tube Walk

Leicester Square to Charing Cross

I walk through Leicester Square past the large Odeon and the half price ticket booth.

Then I walk through Trafalgar Square.

I pass Admiralty Arch and walk on the Strand a short distrance before arriving at Charing Cross tube station.

Charing Cross to Embankment

A very short walk along Villiers Street takes me to Embankment tube station.

Here is the entrance to Embankment.

Embankment to Waterloo

To get to the South Bank I walk over the Hungerford Bridge from which you can see most of London’s high rise buildingss.

Near the Royal Festival Hall is this bust of Nelson Mandela. On York Road is one of the Waterloo tube station entrances.

Waterloo to Kennington

I pass one of the Duck Tours Boats and walk down York Road passing the former Eurotunnel home. It has since moved to King’s Cross.

Next I head along Kennington Road, Brook Drive and Dante Road.

After walking a while down Kennington Park Road I get to Kennington underground station.

Kennington to Oval

Some way down Kennington Park Road I take a diversion into Kennington Park.

On exiting the park I soon reach Oval tube station.

Oval to Stockwell

On Clapham Road I pass shops and the former Belgrave Hospital for Children.

Near the station I pass this clock tower and former air raid shelter which have been turned into a war memorial. I then reach the station.

Stockwell to Clapham North

I continue down Clapham Road past shops and new flats.

After passing the Clapham North deep level air raid shelter I arive at Clapham North tube station.

2 thoughts on “Leicester Square to Clapham North Tube Walk”

  1. The Charing X Branch trains normally terminate at Kennington, while ones on the Bank Branch go on to Morden. Why did you choose the other way round?

  2. On the previous day I’d made it all the way from East Finchley to Kennington. I decided that I’d prefer to do the Charing Cross section from Camden Town first rather than restarting from Kennington. It was just a personal preference on the day of which of the two starting points I would go from.

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