Finsbury Park to Warren Street

Finsbury Park to Highbury & Islington

Right next to Finsbury Park station is the Arsenal World Of Sport shop. This area is the home of the Arsenal football team. The new Emirates stadium and the site of the old Highbury stadium are nearby.

Walking down St. Thomas Road I pass the Finsbury Park Mosque – now called the North London Central Mosque. Several years ago this Mosque was constantly on the news as a whole host of suspected terrorists attended the venue.

In 2003 the extremists were thrown out and a more moderate leadership installed. The thing that surprised me about the building was how small it was. It always looked bigger on the TV.

This road seems to prefer its telephone junction boxes open. I spotted two with no door.

In the distance the cranes which are busy converting Arsenal’s old Highbury stadium into new flats are visible. On the road is one of the entrances to the old stadium. It is right behind all these houses, you’d barely even know there was a stadium on this road. In the distance is the Emirates stadium.

My route takes me through Highbury Fields

And I soon reach Highbury and Islington station.

Highbury & Islington to King’s Cross St. Pancras

After walking past Highbury & Islington I go past some varied housing.

And soon reach Caledonian Road. Why do barber shops always have photos of hair cuts that no sane person would ever get?

Before I get to Kings Cross I cross a canal and find a small street – Keystone Crescent – with some nice looking houses.

I then get to King’s Cross. The bridge with the clock was featured in Harry Potter. They have created a platform 9 3/4 which is always very popular with tourists. The favoured pose is one where they pretend to push the cart throught the wall.

King’s Cross St. Pancras to Euston

Euston is just a short walk away. I go past the recently renovated St. Pancras.

The St. Pancras Chambers (more new luxury flats being built – including a £10 million penthouse), and British Library are the main buildings on the way to Euston.

Euston to Warren Street

Between these stations is the UCL hospital and a few tower blocks.

Here is the modern UCL hospital building.

Below is Warren Street underground station.

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