Southgate to Manor House Tube Walk

Today’s section on the Piccadilly line heads noticeably downhill. My starting point at Southgate is about 70m above sea level, when I reach King’s Cross St. Pancras I’ll only be 25m above sea level.

Southgate to Arnos Grove

I leave Southgate station and head down the High Street. There are many interesting housing blocks here.

At the junction on The Green is a preserved set of stocks.

The houses on Arnos Grove are large and well maintained.

After walking through Arnos Park I reach Arnos Grove tube station.

Arnos Grove to Bounds Green

The contrast between the ‘Southgate to Arnos Grove’ and the ‘Arnos Grove to Bounds Green’ section of the walk is stark. On the first section were some very expensive looking houses. On Bowes Road I see a house that looks like a bomb has been dropped through its roof.

After passing down Warwick Road I get to Bounds Green underground station.

Bounds Green to Wood Green

I head Eastwards along Bounds Green, over the railway line and past several churches.

High Road is a shopping area. After turning onto it I get to Wood Green tube station.

Wood Green to Turnpike Lane

There is a large shopping centre called Shopping City on High Road as well as a large number of shops.

Near the end of the main shopping area is Turnpike Lane.

Turnpike Lane to Manor House

The route to the next station is a straight walk down Green Lane.

More shops line the route along Green Lane.

I take a slight detour into Finsbury Park and then reach Manor House tube station.