Bayswater to Victoria Tube Walk

If you are going to walk along one of the London underground tube lines then the Circle line walk is probably the one that you would pick.

In contrast to most of the other lines it has been circumnavigated by all manner of people. Some people skate it, others have cycled round it and others have pub crawled their way round the line. I am simply going to walk it.

Bayswater to Notting Hill Gate

You have a few things that you can pick when you decide to walk the circle line; your starting point, and which direction you go. I’ve decided to start at Bayswater and go anti-clockwise.

After leaving Bayswater station I headed South down the Queensway. In this area of London you’ll find many examples of 1930’s mansion blocks such as the one below.

There are loads of tourist hotels in this area, and as a result there are loads of shops selling tourist trinkets.

Walking down Bayswater Road I past the entrance to Kensington Gardens and also the entrance to a road called Kensington Palace Gardens. Kensington Palace Gardens is home to some of the most expensive houses in London, as well as many embassies. Residents have included Bernie Ecclestone, and Jonathan Hunt – the founder of Foxtons.

Soon after passing Kensington Palace Gardens I reach Notting Hill Gate underground station.

Notting Hill Gate to High Street Kensington

Next I go down Kensington Church Street. If you are looking for shops that sell antiques then this is where you will find plenty.

After passing a large church I get to High Street Kensington tube station.

High Street Kensington to Gloucester Road

High Street Kensington is a large well maintained shopping street. It has most of the large chain shops, some housed in grand building such as the former home of the Barkers department store.

After walking past the South side of Kensington Palace Gardens I spot a car with what must be the best possible number plate you could get for a car. I’m guessing that the number plate is worth more than the car!

Here are some of the shops that are on Gloucester Road. At the junction of Gloucester Road and Cromwell Road is Gloucester Road tube station.

Gloucester Road to South Kensington

I head East along Cromwell Road. This area is where many of the large London museums are located. I walk past the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert.

I walk down a small section of Thurlow Place and then get to South Kensington underground station.

South Kensington to Sloane Square

On Brompton Road is the Michelin Building which used to be the headquarters of the Michelin Tyre Company. The Michelin man can still be seen in the stained glass at the front of the building.

King’s Road is a posh shopping road, the shops continue into Sloane Square.

Sloane Square to Victoria

To get to Victoria underground station I go down Holbein Place, along Pimlico Road and then up Buckingham Palace Road.

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  1. “This area is where many of the large London museums are houses.”

    Are they? I could’ve sworn they were museums…

  2. Oh dear… I did mean ‘housed’ but I’ve now fixed it to be ‘located’! 🙂

  3. Just after the war (second world!) my folks moved to Kensington. I was
    three. My formative years were spent exploring all the areas on your
    walk. Included were many bombsites which were great for us kids to
    play on. Many years later (now in my seventies) I wandered the streets
    of my childhood. Virtually no change in the buildings. Different
    people, and still as cold as charity.
    Thank you for your excellent website.

  4. My friend and I just got home from visiting London. We stayed in Kensington and spent most of our time in this area. Your website makes me want to go back!

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