Acton Town to Osterley Tube Walk

Acton Town to South Ealing

I leave Acton Town down Gunnersbury Land and into Gunnersbury Park. Walking into the park has the feel of entering someone’s private gardens. This is perhaps because until 1926 it was a private residence.

It is Sir John Maynard who built the first Gunnersbury House. The buildings on this site now look a bit run down. There is a lot of peeling paint and parts of the building that need some serious maintenance.

After exiting the park I head north on South Ealing Road, past the shops and reach South Ealing tube station.

South Ealing to Northfields

It is only a short walk to Northfields station. To get there I walk along Dorset Road and Overdale Road.

After turning out of Overdale Road I reach Northfields tube station.

Northfields to Boston Manor

At the end of Blondin Avenue I go into Blondin Park where there are allotments and a nature reserve. The allotments are there to allow people who don’t have a garden to grow some plants or vegetables.

I pass the Northfields depot where Piccadilly line tube trains are maintained, and then reach Boston Manor underground station.

Boston Manor to Osterley

The M4 is ahead and could block my way but fortunately there is a way past it. Following this footpath leads to a tunnel under the M4. This would be a tranquil area if it were not for the heavy motorway traffic.

On the other side of the motorway I meet up with the Grand Union Canal, and follow it in a south east direction.

Walking past a lock and a canal boat brings me to the Great West Road.

There are officies and residential properties along this road. It is very close to the flight path for planes to Heathrow and ever few minutes another one flies past. The plane noise is quite audible from here so if you are living here you’ll want good sound insulation.

After a long walk along Great West Road I arrive at Osterley tube station, the last stop for the day.

Piccadilly Line Walk – Day 5 Summary

Today’s walk took a bit over two hours to complete.

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